Chinglish or Subversive Political Statement? Or Both? You Decide.

I’ve been collecting quite a large set of Chinglish photos, which I hope to start uploading in full soon. But for now, I thought it’d be cool if I could at least get one of my favorites.

Now, as I mentioned before, my building has a lot of businesses set up here in addition to numerous residences like my own. On my own floor, there was a business that seems to sell mattresses or some sort of bedding product, and they had this banner thing advertising for them. Unremarkable at first glance…

But look closer…

Now, it’s quite possible that the brand is called “Set Free,” and it’s based in Taiwan. Nonetheless, either this is unintentional Chinglish of the most dangerous sort, or it’s a not-so-subtle political statement. Either way, I thought it was damn cool, and if it was intentional, it shows remarkable chutzpah. Though for what it’s worth, this was up for about a month after I moved in, and it mysteriously vanished. I don’t know that the company’s office is even here anymore. I wonder what happened to them?


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