It’s Everywhere You Want To Be, Except China 2

After weeks of researching my options, it appears that there’s virtually no chance that I could stay in China past June. I visited the Public Security Bureau on Friday, and they were more than happy to extend my tourist visa for a second time, for a total of 30 more days. But after that, they explained, I may not extend my visa any further. The new rules allow a maximum of two extensions. My original plan was to get a business or work visa that would allow me to stay until the end of July, but it sounds like under the new rules, even if I could get a business visa, none are being currently issued that last any longer than July 1st. Even there, the closest I can get my flight changed to that date would be June 23rd. Hardly worth it considering that the business visa will cost well over $400, compared to $120 for the tourist extension.

So that about settles it. I’ll have to call STA Travel again, and get a flight for around June 9th. This completely throws my summer plans into disarray, since I had originally planned to return just in time to find new housing in Madison, attend the Graduate Seminar in early August, and return to a nice managerial job at an IT help desk that would pay handsomely by graduate student standards. Now, I’ll have to find housing in early June, when I may not have had enough time to earn money for first and last month’s rent, and figure something else out for my employment. This probably means temp agencies, which I’ve not found to be especially reliable for steady, well-paying work.

Still, there is good news, and it has nothing to do with car insurance. This early return to America means that I can also attend Rand Camp this year, which is a pretty sweet consolation prize.


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