Introducing the Softer Side of Statism

I’ve been working on a political cartoon with Gimp using the Olympic Fuwa. For those who don’t know, the Fuwa (roughly, “Friendlies”) are the official mascots of the 2008 Beijing Olympic games, and they are being heavily marketed here in China on all sorts of merchandise. I already purchased a Jing-Jing (the panda) teddy-bear type doll for Allison, who loves these guys. Amazing, really, that a totalitarian regime can come up with such cuteness. Their names, by the way, when put together, read out in Chinese, “Beijing welcomes you.” Have you guys back in the US seen these guys yet? I don’t know if they are marketed only here in China, or worldwide as well. In case the YouTube embed doesn’t work (it hasn’t the last few times I’ve posted here), the direct link is here. Watch the video, and you’ll thereby be introduced to the Fuwa. No knowledge of Chinese is necessary. It’s about 4 minutes or so long.


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