Rock Around The Clock

I’ve been collecting lots of photos and even a few videos here and there of things that I’ve been seeing in Beijing. I hope to have some of Allison’s photos of the zoo for a brief entry I’ll make later about that visit. But today, kind of accidentally, Allison and I stumbled onto this, the Drum Tower. It’s been built and rebuilt several times since it was first built nearly 1,000 years ago (this version first built during the Yuan (Mongol) Dynasty in 1272, and served as the primary way Beijingers kept time for centuries. There is a water-based clock inside, and when it strikes the hour, several performers will bang the drums. It’s practically a performance now, and the video here, that I just posted on YouTube, captures the last half of it. And a few words from Allison about the nice things to see and do in that part of town. Enjoy.

Also in that same part of town, there are many great restaurants and shops and even plenty of coffee shops. Allison and I visited a coffee shop nearby that had a view of the Drum Tower, with open air seating on the roof. But also in view nearby was a curiosity – a flower shop. What’s so curious about a flower shop, you ask? Well, this one is themed… well, for clowns. The literal word for “clown” in Chinese translates back as, I kid not, “little ugly.” So you could either say the name of this flower shop is “Clown Flower Shop” or “Little Ugly Flower Shop.”

I asked Allison what you’d say if you had a clown who was little and ugly: “little ugly little-ugly?” She thought that was an obnoxious suggestion, but still, I submit that she didn’t actually suggest an alternative. So “little ugly little-ugly” it is, I say. What got my attention was that there was a strangely dressed (even for a clown) man standing in the front of the shop. I suppose that’s one way you can make your flower shop stick out from all the rest, but still, would the extra business really be worth the loss of dignity? The manager had this guy march out and try to skip rope on the sidewalk, and unfortunately (or perhaps intentionally?), he didn’t seem to know how to do it. So that’s what this photo below is.


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